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The Hypocrisy of the Anti-Vax Movement – Palitha De Silva QSM

One Sunday last month, I went to the dairy to buy the newspaper and, while inside, was joined by another man who walked in...

Omicron: What is this new ‘High Global Risk’ Covid-19 Variant?

With Omicron cases emerging from managed isolation facilities in New Zealand, it feels like this is the best time to know more about this...

Here’s how New Zealand Covid-19 Traffic Light System will work

From 11.59 PM tonight New Zealand will move to the Covid-19 Protection Framework which is also known as the traffic lights system. This new...

කෝවිඩ්-19 සංවත්සරය | ප්‍රියන්ති ඕපාත | ඕක්ලන්ඩ්

හැරී බලමි වසරක් ගෙවුණු දිනකෝවිඩ් නමැති මරුවා සපැමිනකිසිකෙනෙක් අකමැති ඒ අතීතයසිහිකරමි එයින් ගතයුතු පාඩමමෙයයැයි කියාදෙන්නට ලොවට.ගතින් හමුවීම සිහිනයක් වුණා"සූම්" එකෙන් අපි හමුවුණා"සූම්" පරිහරනයට අපි...

This is long – but important | Message from PM Jacinda Ardern

As parts of the country prepare to move down alert levels this week, I want to send a quick reminder of the Alert Level...

Current COVID-19 situation in New Zealand and Sri Lanka

Here in New Zealand, we are back at being stuck indoors, feeling tired, anxious and frustrated. Prime Minister Jacinda Arden announced on 17th August...

COVID-19 vaccine rollout in New Zealand

Find out how and when you can get a vaccine...https://covid19.govt.nz/covid-19-vaccines/how-to-get-a-covid-19-vaccination/find-out-when-you-can-get-a-vaccine/ https://player.vimeo.com/video/568223664


The COVID -19 Pandemic has had an overwhelming impact on Sri Lanka and it is saddening to see the unprecedented upsurge in cases. The...
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