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A case for Vegetarianism | Upali Salpadoru -Wellington

A case for Vegetarianism | Upali Salpadoru -Wellington

The New Zealand Vegetarian Society says plant-based diets are going to be more prevalent in 2021. What a relief for our animal friends?

According to NZ. In the last year, an average household has spent, $ 500.00 on fruits, $ 727.00 on vegetables while the fish and meat has amounted to $ 1463.00    This clearly indicates that the cost of living can be drastically reduced by cutting down on meat consumption. 

Large scale animal farming pollutes the air, earth and rivers. It also consumes more freshwater than for growing vegetables.

Even if you are not concerned about the environment and future generations’ lives, think of your own life. The health authorities have pointed out that red meat and saturated fat in animal flesh is not conducive to our health.

Pious Hindus and Buddhists abhor killing animals. But some deceive themselves by imagining that their hands are clean when they eat flesh killed by another. Some Buddhists even offer beef and bacon at Sangika Danas. Do you believe that they will receive merit by such offerings? Even the Bible says “Thou shall not kill”, but the followers interpret it as “Do not kill Humans’.

Nobody expects you to be a vegetarian overnight. One may undertake it in steps. Some Christians avoid meat on Fridays. Buddhists can do the same on Poya days. It may be beneficial to you and the earth, at your next dinner, if you can substitute a potato for at least one nugget. 

By Upali Salpadoru.


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