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Let us Pray | Menike Wickramasingha | Auckland

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ශ්‍රී LankaNZ is a free distributed Sri Lankan Community Newspaper that aims to reach a Sri Lankan population of over 18,000 all over New Zealand. The demand for entertainment in literacy media itself gave birth to ශ්‍රී LankaNZ

One evening Pina the praying mantis was thinking how to get the mayflies for his meal.

‘Where are you going my friend ‘? Asked Pina from the mayfly Sima. 

‘Going home. We all came out together from a big hole.’He answered.

‘Then why are you here?’

‘I came out just now. Today is our maiden flight,’ Sima said 

‘So where are the others?’

‘They are still in the big  hole.’ He said.

‘Don’t you think it is better to pray first before flying?’ Pina asked.

 ‘We don’t know how to pray.’ Sima said.

‘Don’t worry. I can teach you. Look at me,’Pina said.

Then Pina sat on a leaf and began to rub his hands together. He made a large noise. Mayfly was afraid. 

‘It’s wonderful. Please teach me.’ Sima said.

‘I think it is better to teach you all at the same time. ‘Pina said.

‘Follow me.’ Said Sima.

They both flew to the big hole.

It’s getting dark ,but still they could  see each other. Pina stood in front. 

‘This is your most important day.  Am I correct ?’ Asked Pina.

‘Yes,’ They all shouted.

‘For the first time you are going to fly. Am I correct?’ Pina asked again.

‘Yes,  ‘they answered happily.

Next Sila began to talk.

‘This is the Hermit that lives in this area. He came to Bless us. You are very lucky. Obey him, ‘ Said Sila.

‘Now I am going to start. Let us pray together. When my prayer is over you stand in a row and come to me one behind the other.’ Pina announced.

They were in a hurry to get the blessing.

Pina put his hands together and began to rub slowly and slowly making a deafening noise. Mayflies were amazed. They thought soon they would fly in the sky , meet May Princes, hold her hands, fly with her, roam with her to their heart’s content. One Mayfly thought he would lead the others and hold her hands before the others.

Pina stopped rubbing and  stopped the sound. Mayflies rushed to stand in a row to get blessings. They came one behind the other slowly. As they came Pina began to take his meal. After many days he had a Hearty Meal.

‘Thank You Fools,’ Pina said.

By Menike Wickramasingha – Auckland

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