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Titanic survivor’s story – Fiction based on facts by Dineth Abayarathna – Wellington

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I was a boy from a decently wealthy family. We were moving to New York because my parents got new jobs there. My dad managed to get us some second-class tickets on board the Titanic, ‘the unsinkable ship.’ I couldn’t wait until the day came … and then it finally did.
I was holding my parents’ hands while boarding the Titanic. The ship was huge and luxurious. The cabin we were staying in had two bunk beds. It was noisy on the ship, filled with lots of joy and laughter. Everyone was happy.

I can still remember that day as though it had happened just yesterday. It happened on 14 April 1912. I was in bed. I woke up to the shouts, screams and running footsteps outside in the corridors. Just then my mum rushed into the cabin and told me to quickly put on a jacket. Mum then dragged me out and then I realized why. Water was pouring into the ship. Within minutes it was up to my knees. We managed to get to the top part of the ship. On the way I asked where dad was. Mum said he was helping to launch the lifeboats.

It was chaos up there. Passengers were panicking. I overheard someone saying that the Titanic had struck an iceberg. I was still confused. Wasn’t the Titanic unsinkable? There was only one lifeboat left. Me and mum raced to it. My father was there helping. I asked him why he wasn’t getting on. He said he was going to stay and then told us to get on. It broke my heart. I gave him a final hug, breaking into tears as I did so. Deep inside I knew he didn’t stand a chance. Mum and I got onto the lifeboat. Then we got launched.

It was a sad sight. The ship’s lights were turning off as the titanic sank deep down. Lots of people were either drowning or freezing to death. The guilt started to build up inside me. I wanted to help really badly but the lifeboat couldn’t hold any more people.

Soon the Carpathia came and helped the survivors on board. They gave me dry clothes and a hot drink. I felt so much better afterwards and I managed to find my mum. Sadly my father didn’t make it. I was one of the few lucky survivors and I will never forget that day.

Dineth (2019)
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