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Sam Kodi


How to Build Generational Wealth (and Keep It)

Do you want to set your children up, so they are financially secure, so that your future descendants have a great life? This is...

Introducing New Zealand’s New Bank: The Bank of Mum and Dad

What bank offers rock-bottom interest rates, the most flexible repayment terms, and 24/7 helplines, often with a free dinner? The Bank of Mum and...

Help Your Teenager to Fly Financially

Teaching your teen about good money mind-sets and management is the easiest way to help them succeed (and not live at home forever!). People often...

Is a New Build Right for You?

Building a new home might seem like something that is outside your financial capacity. But you might be surprised. New Zealand is in the midst...

How Does High Inflation Affect Interest Rates?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTnu9KlzmR4 High inflation means your life is about to get more expensive in every way. And, that includes your mortgage interest rates. Yes, it sucks. The...

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