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Sam Kodi


If You Want to Be Poor Forever, Use These Four Excuses and Bad Money Habits

Do you use of the following excuses to spend money you don’t have? If you do, it’s time to change, or risk being broke...

Top 7 Recommended NZ Investment Options for Beginners

Regardless of financial known-how or ability to understand maths, there’s a way to invest your hard-earned cash. You’re getting your financial ducks in a row...

What Should I Invest In? NZ Advice for Kiwis

It’s time to invest in your future. This means putting your money to work. But which investment is the best type? We are regularly asked...

What Type of Financial Help Do You Need? An Adviser, Budgeter, or Coach?

Want some help sorting out your money situation? Different professionals help with different financial needs. Your financial situation changes throughout your life. As you set...

Is Your Superpower Spending Less? You Could Save NZ’s Economy

It’s very financial doom-and-gloom at present. But you can make a positive difference for yourself, and NZ. In November 2022, the NZ Reserve Bank hiked...

Income Protection Insurance – What is it? (and do I need it?)

Do You Need Income Protection Insurance? Yes (But Also Maybe Not) Your ability to earn money is your biggest asset. What happens if you lose...

How to Leave a Financial Legacy That Lasts

70% of financial legacies are lost by the second generation. Can you ensure a lasting financial legacy? (Spoiler alert: Yes you can). It’s easy to...

How You Can Plan for The Great Wealth Transfer

Everyone in New Zealand is going to be affected by the Great Wealth Transfer. What is it, and what do you need to do...

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