Hi, I’m a Carcharodontosaurus. I’m here to talk to you about… ME! And other dinosaurs related to me. Okay, with that out of the way, let’s start.

I am a genus of Carcharodontosaurid dinosaur which lived 98 million years ago in what is now Africa. We also migrated to other countries such as North Africa but only a few of us lived there. There were other dinos species in our area living with us called Spinosaurus etc. My species were pretty big too! I, in fact, have grown up to 13m long since I am from the Saharicus species. 

What do I eat? Well, I eat meat. Not just any ‘meat’. It’s flesh in fact, from other dinos. But they don’t mind. Speaking of hunting down our prey, we usually did not hunt in gangs, groups or whatever. I, myself, am a lone hunter, taking down prey as large as 40ft! (12 m)!    

Tharul Sasmitha Rathnayake 
Rolleston, New Zealand