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Tamil Lesson

Let’s Learn Tamil – Part 4 | Kaushie Umakaran | Auckland

We learned ந න,    நா නා,    நி නි,    நீ නී in the last lesson.   Name the objects நகம் நடனம்   Fill in the blanks   ப —-   ப—- —-   ம— —-   ச— —-   By Kaushie Umakaran -...

Learn Tamil – Part 3 | Kaushie Umakaran | Auckland

Hi පුත්තාන්ඩු වාල්ත්‍තුක්කල්! Happy New year! Puththandu Vazhthukkal!   Let’s start with revision, name all the pictures that we learned. 1.   2.   3.   4. 1. படம் - පඩම් - Picture 2. டமாரம்- ඩමාරම් Drum 3. மரம் -මරම්-...

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