In my eyes, New Zealand is made up of thousands of welcoming individuals. People that would go out of their way to do anything for anyone. I feel honoured to have family members that live there and have the opportunity to visit them almost every year. Not only that, but to visit the country in general. 
Every time we visit, we participate in more and more exciting activities. For example, last time I visited, I faced my fear of heights and rode the World’s Longest Flying Fox! What an achievement! I also stopped by the Center-Point Of New Zealand. It was a walk, but it was worth it. I have experienced a lot of new things including kayaking for the first time ever, going skiing, riding Croc Bikes, bathing in hot water pools, learning about the Mouri’s way of living, trying ‘Kai’, swimming in beaches and lakes, riding in a water taxi, admiring the beaches and gardens, diving off cliffs and going on several hikes. 


The landscapes and greenery also happened to be something that kept my camera up the whole day. I took loads of amazing pictures and videos that still leave me flabbergasted when revisiting the New Zealand folder in my camera roll. 



In comparison to Australia, I would say there is a lot more to see and do, especially for young children like me in New Zealand, not only that, but the weather conditions are very neutral and easy to cope with as well. I enjoyed my overall stay and hope to come back many more times in the future.



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