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Strengthening Sri Lanka-New Zealand Relations:The Colombo Plan- Enduring Legacy Forging Strong Ties for Mutual Progress and Growth | Dilhan Athapaththu | Wellington

The Colombo Plan, one of the oldest and most esteemed inter-governmental organisations, has played a crucial role in fostering cooperative economic and social development...

Sinhala Chronicles Part 9 | Ramanie de Zoysa (CA) | Gold Coast

By 500 BCE, many local loyalties had been undermined by the state-sponsored resettlements of the Assyrians and Babylonians, and the inhabitants of the Middle...

Anuradhapura Period – Sinhala Chronicles Part 8 | Ramanie de Zoysa (CA) – Gold Coast

The world around King Devanampiyatissa (247 BCE to 207 BCE) In the above commentary we came across Emperor Asoka of the Mauryan dynasty that ruled...

යුග-යුග සපථ වනකුවේණිය අපේ දේශයට කළ ශාපය | ආචාර්ය ගාමිණී කාරියවසම්

01. හෙළ දිවයින සිව් දිග් භාගයන් ගෙන් විනාශ වේවා! ජාතික නායකයන් විනාශ වේවා! 02. විදේශ ආක්‍රමණිකයන්ට යටත් වේවා! හෙළයාගේ අපේකම නැතිවේවා! 03. හෙළය  දෙකඩ වී මුහුදුබත්...

Anuradhapura Period – Sinhela Chronicles Part 5 | Ramanie de Zoysa (CA) – Gold Coast

The King is said to have built a hermitage for Nighanta ascetics near Gaminivapi. Here the Mahavamsa accidentally mentions another reservoir – Gaminivapi, identified...

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