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Sinhala Chronicles – The Anuradhapura Kingdom | Ramanie de Zoysa (CA) – Gold Coast

In our last two articles we read about the historical epic of the early beginnings of the Sinhela people of the island now known...

Napier The Art Deco Capital of the World and the Glorious County Hotel | Surani Mahagodage

Napier’s world-renowned collection of Art Deco buildings owes its existence to the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that devastated the Hawke’s Bay region in February 1931,...

Early footsteps of Sinhale Continue… by Ramanie De Zoysa – Gold Coast

Early footsteps of the Sinhale- continued…..  The Sakya connection The ancient ruins and artefacts found in Sri Lanka speak of a civilization spanning at least...

Like Threads in a Lace by Dr Anne D. Perera

    Imagine that each one of us represents a thread of a specific colour, texture, length and strength….  Whenever we are in a mixed...

Meandering thoughts on the Early footsteps of Sinhale by Ramanie De Zoysa – Gold coast

Meandering thoughts on the Early footsteps of Sinhale It is debatable at what point in history the island of Sri Lanka, earlier known by...
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