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USLA Wellington – Sri Lankan New Year Festival Events 2023

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Dear Friends

A friendly reminder that the Traditional Kavili Workshop will be held on Indian Cultural Hall, Petone on Saturday 15th April from 9.00 am onwards.

We invite you to share your ethnic expertise or learn how to make authentic delicacies. Come join us for this exciting event, any assistance you provide will be much appreciated.

USLA Sri Lankan New Year Festival 2023 will take place on Sunday 16th April at St Patrick’s College hall, Silverstream. Gates will open at 10.00 am.

There is a fancy-dress parade for kids and we cordially invite parents to encourage your kids to take part in this event!

There are a number of traditional games for both children, youth and adults.

A salient point of New Year games is that there are no age categories for “New Year Princess and Prince’ (Avurudu kumari/kumarya)!! Wear your customary ‘ Avurudu’ attire ‘ redda hetta’ (cloth and jacket), sarong and join for this exciting event!

There will be our Sri Lankan “Gamae Kade”. You will be treated to free tea, coffee, belimal, iramusu with sugar or juggery!! Bring your competitive nature and play “Daam” and Carrom at the “Gamae Kade”.

This is an opportunity enjoy ethnic performances, authentic Sri Lankan delicacies, music and traditional games all day long.

We are looking forward to seeing you on 15th April at  Indian Cultural Hall, Petone  for the Kavili workshop and at the New year celebration on 16th  April at St Patrick’s College hall, Silverstream .

Kind regards
USLA Management Committee

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