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Wondering whether you are eligible for the New 2021 Resident Visa? Here’s what you need to know!

Today (30th September), we all woke up to the news of Immigration New Zealand announcing a new one-off resident visa category to as many...

Ramesh Wins the Heart of Waikato Valley and Then Marks His Ground in the Far End of Aotearoa | CJ Ekanayake

Skills Plus Hard Work – The Road to Success.  Today we have another talented Sri Lankan, Ramesh Subasinghe, a full-time coach in New Zealand. After...

We are officially on PressReader

Proud to say that now SriLankaNZ Newspapers are officially on PressReader. https://www.pressreader.com/new-zealand/srilankanz/20210827/details PressReader delivers an endless stream of top news stories right to your pocket....

නැතිවෙන්න ගිය වත්කමට පහරක්!

කතා කරන්න , හිනා වෙන්න, හීන අහුරන්න , ජීවත් වෙන්න ,නිදා සිටින ඔබ අවදි කරන්න ,ඇවසි මොහොතක …ඉපදුනා වූ ,වත්කමක් ..ඔබ !!ඩිජිටල් මායාව ….ලෝකයා...

ශ්‍රී LankaNZ – 8th Issue is out now – Sri Lankan Community Newspaper

කවි, නිසඳැස්, කෙටිකතා, සාකච්ඡා, ශාස්ත්‍රීය ලිපි, කාලීන පුවත් ඇතුළු පිටු 24ක ශ්‍රී Lankanz පුවත්පතේ මෙවර කලාපය නිකුත්වුනා. ශ්‍රී LankaNZ - Sri Lankan Community Newspaper- paper version the 8th Issue is out now...


The COVID -19 Pandemic has had an overwhelming impact on Sri Lanka and it is saddening to see the unprecedented upsurge in cases. The...

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