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The Sticky Doll | Menike Wickramasinghe | Auckland

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Miss Bunny had a little cottage and a garden. She grew carrots and took great care of the plants. Every evening she went down to the stream to bring water for the carrot plants. Carrots grew well and Bunny was happy.

A sly fox lived in the green belt nearby. He saw Bunny going up and down in the evening.

‘What a plump rabbi. How tasty would her meat be ? ‘ He licked his lips.

Day and night he was thinking of a plan .

One day he went to meet her when she was coming from the stream.

He took off his hat, bowed down and said in a pleasing tone,  ‘ I am pleased to invite you for dinner in my den Miss Bunny.’

‘Thank You so much for the invitation. Sorry I do not go out at night. I am very sorry,’ she said.

‘It’s OK’. Fox said.

His plan did not work. Bunny did not accept his invitation. Then he ran to the stream. There lived a crab in a hole. He called the crab very gently.

‘Crab my friend. That Bunny said you are very bad and asked me to kill you and bring you for her dinner. Bite her, harm her when she comes to take water from the stream.’

‘Oh. No This is only a tale you made. I do not believe your tale. I know very well Rabbits do not eat meat. But foxes do.’

Crafty fox was defeated again. He was not discouraged and made another plan. He made up his mind to set up another trap.

He brought some rags and made a rabbit. Then he went to a jack tree and collected sticky sap. The fox applied the sap all over the rag rabbit. He carefully placed the rag rabbit on a side of the foot path that Bunny goes for water. Then he hid behind a bush.

After some time Bunny came with a bucket. She saw the rag rabbit looking very much like Sam, her nephew. She put the bucket on the ground. She never expected Sam to be here.

‘Why are you here Sam? What are you doing here? ‘

Rag doll or Sam did not speak. Neither did he open his mouth.

‘Are you running away from home?’ She asked in a rough voice. The Rag doll said nothing. She asked again and again. But no answer. Bunny felt angry. He must be running away from home. I must teach Sam a good lesson.

She slapped him on his face. Her hand got stuck. Then she hit hard with her left hand. It got stuck. Bunny was very angry. Then she hit him with her right foot. It got stuck too. Then she used her left leg. It got stuck too. When she tried to remove her hands and legs the whole body got stuck to the sticky doll. Fox was watching the whole incident. He was waiting for this moment. He rushed to the scene. He took Bunny and ran to his den and had a hearty meal with his family.

By Menike Wickramasinghe – Auckland

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