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Living in Paradise | Upali Salpadoru | Wellington

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Errors of a Nonagenarian.

We received a message from the Linden Medical Centre requesting me to be present at two pm, the next day. When we discussed the matter with my son he said , “It must be regarding the request for a subsidy for an emergency alarm from the Work and Income.”

When we went there we noticed that they were clueless. After a few minutes a nurse summoned us, opened my medical documents and made several inquiries. She asked various questions with regard to my health and the injections and vaccinations taken. She was unable to find any request for a subsidy. Then she made two appointments for me. A blood test at Tawa Medical centre on Thursday at 8- 55 and to meet a doctor at the Linden centre on Friday.

It was only a five minute drive to Tawa MC, but we got to the morning office traffic at 8-30 am. After reaching the clinic I realised that we had come to the wrong medical centre. Without even getting down, ignoring the pleadings of my wife I got into the traffic. After covering a few metres only I realised that I was in the worst possible lane. There was a line of cars in front dropping children to school and the pedestrian crossing had a non-ending stream of kids, parents and teachers.

The by-lane through which I could have got to the main road had a no entry sign
due to road repairs. We have an extraordinary road repair crew that scrapes good roads to add fresh bitumen.

I only had fifteen minutes to cover about 2 to 3 kilometres in heavy traffic. The nurse repeatedly said Tawa MC stops taking blood for testing sharp at nine. I remembered how we used to patronise this place a few years ago. So I knew the way. I knew the routine. So I drove with confidence.

When I stopped the car I realised that we had come only to a nearby pharmacy. Anyway the Medical centre was only a two minutes walk.

Now we have completed the first stage of the project. Let us hope the rest will continue avoiding any further errors.

By Upali Salpadoru – Wellington


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