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The Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka (IESL) Apex body for Professional Engineers in Sri Lanka | Duminda Wijayasingha

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IESL Parent Organisation  

The Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka (IESL) was founded in 1956, succeeding the Engineering Association of Ceylon established in 1906 at Anuradhapura by a group of engineers serving in the Sri Lankan public sector. This association was formed to promote the overall advancement of science and the practice of engineering across all disciplines, guided by certain rules set forth by its members.

IESL serves as a primary platform for its members to exchange knowledge among fellow engineers. Furthermore, the institution has expanded its services by offering guidance to engineering organizations, facilitating structured practical training for graduate engineers aspiring to attain chartered status, and providing academic support for individuals seeking qualifications equivalent to a BSc in Engineering, particularly those who were unable to secure admission to engineering faculties in universities.

IESL NZ Chapter

The Institution of Engineers New Zealand (IESL NZ) stands as a prominent overseas chapter affiliated with the IESL. Established in January 2015, the IESL NZ chapter serves as a dedicated platform for Professional Engineers engaged in the field of Engineering in New Zealand. Specifically catering to the IESL members residing in New Zealand, the chapter extends steadfast support to both current engineers in the country and those contemplating migration to New Zealand.

The current IESL NZ Chapter President Eng. Duminda Wijayasinghe emphasises, “we are committed to create a nurturing environment where members can thrive both personally and professionally while contributing to the growth of others. Whether you seek knowledge, wish to share experience, or aspire to connect with like-minded individuals, our community offers valuable resources and endless inspiration. This forum creates many opportunities for the new migrant engineers to learn about New Zealand culture and industry by participating in IESL NZ chapter events”.

IESL NZ has developed a distinct strategy to propel the organization forward. Throughout the year, the NZ chapter orchestrates a series of events focusing on knowledge-sharing, networking, and providing guidance to new members. Among these, the Engineers’ Night stands out as the flagship annual event—a dinner dance that serves as a platform to celebrate key achievements of the year. Notably, a portion of the funds generated from this event is allocated to support underprivileged students in Sri Lanka through collaborative efforts with other IESL chapters in the country.

In 2023, IESL NZ organised an insightful event addressing the escalating demand for Te Reo Māori capabilities in Aotearoa, spanning various sectors, including engineering and communities. This session proved beneficial for engineers, offering a valuable opportunity to comprehend and appreciate the significance of adapting to Māori culture within the industry.

Annually, the NZ chapter conducts a comprehensive assessment of current industry and community needs, strategically planning additional sessions to enhance the professional development of its members. In December 2023, the chapter orchestrated a webinar specifically designed for engineers contemplating relocation to New Zealand. The primary objective of the session was to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities available in New Zealand. It included valuable insights into Kiwi culture, interview tips and tricks, and essential background information on the engineering field within the country.

The current committee (2023-2024) is comprised of individuals possessing a wealth of experience and knowledge across diverse fields, including civil, mechanical, information technology, and other engineering disciplines, as well as the academic sector. This diverse expertise ensures a well-rounded and informed leadership capable of addressing the multifaceted aspects of the engineering profession.

IESL NZ chapter would like to warmly welcome Sri Lankan Engineers to join with them and the contact details are as follows.

IESL NZ Website : www.ieslnz.org
President: Duminda Wijayasinghe, 021686473
Secretary: Noshan Peiris, 0272168694
Further you can join IESL NZ Facebook and LinkedIn pages too.

By Duminda Wijayasingha

IESL NZ Chapter Committee for 2023/24 year,

From Left to Right,

Dinesh Abeysundara, Kavishka Dissanayake, Niran Tharmapalan, Chanaka Dilshan (Treasurer), Dulsha Kularatna, Noshan Peiris (Secretary), Duminda Wijayasinghe (President), Krish Jayarathne (Vice Prsesident), Don Karunaratne, Rasika Jayasinghe, Sachinth Silva, Chami Jayasekara, Sumudu Nishantha, Kumindu Dias, Ayesha Jayawardena, Aparna Liayanage

Absent, Dhanushka Kohombange (Editor)

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