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Alibaba and Puncha | Menike Wickramasingha | Auckland

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Let us read a story about a village boy named Puncha who was friendly with a baby wild elephant.

Puncha, a little boy lived with his mother in a small house near Sinharaja forest. Alibaba, a baby elephant lived in the forest with his mother.A beautiful stream ran through the forest and they both came to the stream every afternoon for a bath. It was a wonderful time for them. One day Puncha brought some bananas and gave them to Alibaba. So began the friendship. When Puncha went home Alibaba went behind him. 

‘Amma,’ Puncha called his mother. Punchina came out. 

‘See my friend, ‘ the little boy said, pointing to the baby elephant. 

‘What a friend, ‘ she said to herself.

From that day onwards Alibaba visited Puncha regularly. He took Puncha on a ride right round the village.The Village Headman noticed it. In no time he ran to Minster Silva and told the incident. 

The very next day the Village Headman went to see Puncha and said that Minister Silva wanted to see his friend. 

‘Friend… who…, ‘ asked Puncha. 

‘The elephant you roam around with, ‘ he answered. 

‘Bring the elephant tomorrow morning to the Minister’s office,’ the Headman ordered and went. Puncha was sad. 

The next day Puncha went to the minister’s office with Alibaba.

‘This is an offence. You cannot keep this elephant with you. Leave him here and run home before I call the Police,’ Minister Silva screamed angrily. In fact the Minister wanted the elephant for himself. Then guards came and tied the elephant to a tree. They threatened Puncha. He went home crying. Alibaba’s mother was waiting at a distance for Alibaba. Puncha pointed his finger to the place where Alibaba was kept. The mother elephant realised what had happened. 

Then she trumpheted once. It was a thundering sound. A distress call for the other elephants to come. Soon a herd of elephants was seen. 

Puncha went in front and the elephants followed him. In a short time they were at the Minister’s  Gate. Alibaba’s mother made a loud trumpet. The other elephants followed her. Minister Silva was frightened. He called his guards and asked them to release the baby elephant immediately. 

Then he ran to his bedroom and shut the door. 

Alibaba came running to his mother. Puncha ran forward. Alibaba took him and put him on his back. Then all the elephants marched back to the forest triumphantly.

By Menike Wickramasingha

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