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Aththamma’s Story – 3 | Diyamanti Galpoththage | Auckland

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I saw two rainbows at the same time in the sky. I stopped the car at a pedestrian crossing  and glanced up casually. What a beautiful sight I beheld! Double rainbows  appeared arced side by side.Magically mesmerizing two rainbows. The joy I felt was etched in my mind. Mother nature at its best, I thought as I continued to gaze at the rainbows.

It was the same magical feeling I felt when my five month old granddaughter smiled with me recently.I thought she was fond of crying whenever she felt like it. She had such a beautiful way to start the whole act of crying. First and foremost she looked at me for a moment or two. Then she wore a face something like a crying emoji. Her lips quivered, a second later, a tiny noise came out which eventually grew into a deeper breathing and a big cry.

I hummed a little lullaby for her, the same lullaby that I used to hum for my sons, when they were put to bed long years ago.Then the little baby smiled. I saw the magic in her face as her face relaxed, tiny hands curled and the tiny feet up in the air. My gaze ran across her face anxiously, not knowing if she wanted to cry or not. Her little eyes shone like two stars.The tiny pink lips opened up to show tiniest of smiles which became wider and wider. It was magic, the same joyful feeling that crossed my heart when I saw two magical rainbows. My heart was elated with  joy. She made me believe in magic.

One day the little granddaughter cried again. . Her Mum was tired and hungry. So the baby came to me. I tried humming my usual lullaby but she continued to cry. So I sat down on the floor, leaning against a sofa. I stretched both my feet and kept a soft pillow at the edge of my feet, remembering my Mum’s advice on how to soothe a baby, when my own son was born.Then I let my little granddaughter lie on my stretched feet with her head resting on the pillow and her feet stretched towards me.I rocked my toe from left to right and then right to left in a very light rhythmic movement. Then the baby stopped crying. She looked inquisitively at my face and yawned.It was nice to see her yawning with her toothless mouth.

I yawned too, a huge yawn.Then the magic happened.

My little granddaughter looked surprised and then with her tiny eyes wide open, smiled. Yes, smiled. A teeny weeny magical smile which continued to spread all over her face.

Reminded me of the joy that I felt at seeing the magical rainbow in the distant sky.

I too smiled, a big smile of joy.

What a heartwarming experience!

It’s truly heartwarming to experience such magical moments in life. The sight of double rainbows and the joy of soothing my granddaughter’s cries were beautiful memories that linger in my heart.


Written by Diyamanthi Galpoththage – Auckland

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