Once upon a time, there lived a little girl called Nethuli. She lived in a small house near the woods with her parents. One morning Nethuli decided to explore woods. While she was walking she saw lots of lovely colourful animals such as fish, birds, butterflies, rabbits and squirrels. Behind the bushes there was a scary wolf with sharp teeth and giant ears with long bushy tail. Nethuli the little girl saw the big bad wolf. She started to scream and run away. She turned onto a different path so the wolf will go the wrong way. Nethuli was very tired. She saw a hut nearby and went inside. Then she saw a bedroom with a nicely arranged bed. She fell asleep very soon.

Then some rabbits came into the house and saw Nethuli. By that time Nethuli woke up. The rabbits bought some carrots. The little girl and the rabbits had lunch together. They enjoyed the carrots a lot. After having lunch they played for a long time. It was time for Nethuli to go back home. So she said ‘bye’ to the rabbits and went home. The rabbits helped her to find the way home. When she came home she told everything she saw to her parents. Nethuli thought not to walk through the jungle alone thereafter.

Pulitha Jayasinghe

Age 8

Eastern Hutt School

(from his book – Spare Time Stories)