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The Lost Earring | Menike Wickramasingha | Northshore

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ශ්‍රී LankaNZ is a free distributed Sri Lankan Community Newspaper that aims to reach a Sri Lankan population of over 18,000 all over New Zealand. The demand for entertainment in literacy media itself gave birth to ශ්‍රී LankaNZ

A little Mermaid called Muthu lived near the coastal area of Thangalle. There was a big natural pond near the beach. She used to come to this pond when the first rays of the sun fell and went back to the sea before anyone could see her.

One day while she was playing in the pond she lost her earring. She looked everywhere but could not find it. A fish swimming saw something glittering. Not knowing what it was, the fish  swallowed it at once thinking of some food. Muthu sat on a rock and began to cry. Cycil the dolphin heard her cry. He came near the pond and blew a whistle. Muthu looked around. It was her friend Cycil. She quickly slipped onto Cycil’s back and told him that she lost her earring.

‘Please don’t cry. I will find your earring. ‘ Then he blew another whistle. This time all the fish stood around him.

‘Did anybody pick an earring ? ‘ Fish looked at each other.

One little fish said,’I saw something glittering.’

‘ It must be her earring.Where did you see it?’

‘In the pond.’

‘Go everybody. Bring it here now. ‘ Cycil ordered.

All the fish swam back to the pond. Then one fish came to Cycil .He said Susy is missing.

Cycil called Susy. She came complaining of severe pain.

‘Did you see something glittering ?’’

‘Yes’.Susy said

‘Did you swallow it ? ‘

‘Yes,’Susy answered.

‘This is the reason for your pain,’ Cycil said.

‘ How to get it back, ‘ Cycil thought.

‘ I know. We can call the Witch Doctor but we cannot go there.’

Then suddenly they saw  the Golden Eagle  flying above. Cycil gave a whistle. He came down to the pond.

‘I need your help.’ Cycil said.

‘What can I do for you ? ‘

‘Go to the Witch Doctor now. She lives on the other side of the jungle. Bring her here as soon as possible ‘

The Eagle flew to the jungle and brought the Witch Doctor. Cycil told what had happened to Muthu. The Witch Doctor began to do his performance. Then Sucy began to vomit. The earring came out. The Witch Doctor washed the earring and gave it to Muthu.

They were all happy. Cycil said  to Sucy, ‘Do not swallow whatever you see.’

By Menike Wickramasingha – Northshore

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