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The School Quad | Chaniru Yaneth | Auckland

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ශ්‍රී LankaNZ is a free distributed Sri Lankan Community Newspaper that aims to reach a Sri Lankan population of over 18,000 all over New Zealand. The demand for entertainment in literacy media itself gave birth to ශ්‍රී LankaNZ

The hot, dazzling summer- morning was my sight as I woke up from sleep. The fresh air was inhaled and felt inside my lungs as I headed to school. The blossom of flowers and the greenery kept the fairies intact to the surroundings.

Nevertheless, it was as hot as being inside an oven. But the caring trees made us wear its shelter. I entered the school, kept moving further into the blocks until… “My goodness gracious!”, I said. The view gave horsepower into my idle eyes. Under the 6000- celsius sun, stood the tables and chairs of turpentine fragrance. The summer light  lustered the glamour of the walls. Children in groups, ignoring the fascination, for I was struck  by ecstatic.

A rainy, breezy autumn- morning. The view of water droplets clinging on to the fungi- mahogany as if it was the only hope for their survival. I moved into  the main blocks of the school. Yet, the view of fascination caught my eyes, for they fluttered a thousand times.

The gloominess drove away and I was drawn to its beauty even under rain. It was like a heavenly world that no angel had seen. The sweet taste of  lead hovered around me in the breeze. The summerly- turpentine fragrance of tables and chairs dissolved in water, running down the ground. Nevertheless, children hurried to classes as I stood still admiring its beauty which was worthy of respect.

By Chaniru Yaneth – Mt Roskill Grammar School

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