Covid-19 is a virus also known as corona virus. It came from a market in  Wuhan. Wuhan is located near the centre of China. Experts say that the virus is too heavy to travel through the air. Instead the virus spreads through an infected person’s spit, snot, etc.
Mindfulness is knowing what you are doing in the present moment. Medical say that the best way to stop spreading corona virus is to wash your hands properly for 20-40 seconds every 1 hour or when you come back or after sneezing or coughing.
When you are washing your hands it is also a great opportunity to practice  mindfulness. When you are mindfully washing your hands, you wash in between your hands, you wash in between your fingers and the tip of your fingertip and the back of your hands. If we aren’t washing mindfully and properly, then you will still have germs on other areas of your hands.
Another way of stopping corona virus from spreading is staying 2 meters away from the other person. What does this have to do with mindfulness you ask? Imagine this scene: A guy comes near you and he is infected. You see him and yell out “TWO METERS AWAY!. That saved your life. If you aren’t mindful you could’ve shaken hands, and hug each other, thus sharing the virus.