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Malkumari | Menike Wickramasingha | Auckland

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The last rays of the Sun hid behind the trees. Yasoma walked to the little garden near her cottage. There were no flowers . She heard a strange noise. She looked up. A flock of wild geese was flying up in the sky. They were heading in one direction.  Then suddenly it began to rain. A strange rain which she had never experienced before. It began to rain flowers from the sky. She picked up a lot, went inside the house and put them on the chair.

The sweet scent of the flowers spread all over the house. She looked outside. The whole compound was filled with flowers. Yasoma took a basket and collected a lot. The fragrance was soothing and relaxing. Then she went to the kitchen and made a quick meal and went to bed. Bedroom was filled with a sweet smell. It made her happy.

Yasoma got up with the first rays of the Sun. Then she went to open the front door. To her surprise there was a little baby on the chair in which she placed flowers.

She could not believe what she saw. A baby girl sleeping soundly on the chair. The flowers were not there. Yasoma took the baby and went to her bedroom, took the finest clothes and wrapped the baby. She could not understand what had happened.

A strange sound . . .

The flock of geese . . .

The rain of flowers. . .

The little baby . . .

How did this happen.? A strange thing which never happened before in her life. She named the child Malkumari , meaning Princess of flowers.

Now I have someone by my side. All these years I was all alone. God saw my loneliness and gifted this wonderful child.

Yasoma decided to give offerings to the large tree on the road side. She believed that an angel lived in the tree. The angel was so kind and gave the little girl to Yasoma. Malkumari grew up to be a fine young girl .Everybody admired her beauty. A cunning fox who lived in the nearby jungle accidentally saw Malkumari . He thought if he could take her to the King he would be able to get some gifts. So he was thinking of a plan day and night.

Yasoma was afraid that someone would kidnap her Malkumari one day. She went to the old lady Sapuna  and told this problem. Sapuna made a Guardian Angel with some metal , for Malkumari to wear around her neck. Yasoma tied it  around her daughter’s neck. She thought Guardian Angel would protect her from all the evils. Unfortunately Yasoma forgot to tell her not to remove the Angel from her neck.

One morning when she was taking a bath Malkumari removed the Angel from her neck and put on a stone near the well. She came home without taking it. A bird saw it , thinking that it was some food and flew away with it.

The  cunning fox  who  saw Malkumari  wanted to take Malkumari to the king . Fox thought he would be rewarded  generously. One evening when Yasoma was not at home, a fox disguised himself as a very old man came to see Malkumari.

“ Oh .. please help me …” fox said in a sad voice.  Malkumari came out to see. There was a very old man at the door.

“ Please help me to clean my corn field.” He begged. Malkumari felt sorry for the old man. She said “o.k. I will come to help you “

Without having a second thought she went with the old man. He entered the jungle. After about one hour’s walk  there was a horse cart. Old man asked her to get into the cart. Then suddenly everything changed. The old man was no more. Instead, there was a Fox.  Malkumari was frightened and began to scream. The fox growled and ordered her  to be quiet. He drove the cart to the palace . King felt happy and gave a big bag of gold to the fox. King married Malkumari and lived happily ever after.

By Menike Wickramasingha – Auckland

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