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Man, and the deer | RMVK Rathnayake | Sri Lanka

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In a world of strangeness, contradictions found,
Where humans revel in nature’s sights and sound.
They admire the deer, its elegance and grace,
While cherishing the beauty of nature’s embrace.

But at the dinner table, a shift takes place,
As the flesh of the deer becomes a favoured taste.
Nature’s love turns predator, a twist unforeseen,
As the deer’s love transforms into a killer’s dream.

Oh, how strange it seems, this paradox profound,
Where admiration and consumption are tightly wound.
The gentle deer, once loved for its innocence,
Now serves as a meal, a stark consequence.

Nature’s harmony disrupted, lines blurred and crossed,
As survival’s dance reveals the cruel cost.
The hunter becomes the hunted, a role reversed,
And the deer’s love, tragically coerced.

Yet in this strangeness, a lesson we can glean,
A reflection of our own human scene.
For we, too, can be both gentle and fierce,
Capable of contradictions, love and hunger’s pierce.

By RMVK Rathnayake – Sri Lanka

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