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Getting locked out – Living in paradise – 4 | Upali Salpadoru | Wellington

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   At the entrance of many houses here there is a small room called a conservatory.  A conservatory, according to a dictionary, is a room usually with a glass roof and walls, attached to a house, used as a sun lounge or for growing delicate plants. Our conservatory did not have a glass roof; so, we used it to help some children in their studies rather than keeping plants. Entrance to the house was through the conservatory and there was a second door from there to the house. This could get locked when closed; then it can be opened from inside only.

   Once we came to the front door when some guests were leaving, and said bye to them. We heard the banging of a door.  It was a windy winter night. We closed the main door and tried to go in; there was no way. The second door was locked. We could go out but there was no way to go inside. My son had a key to the door, but he lived 15 minutes away. Moreover, there was no way to contact him, car key was inside the house. The tools of communication such as phones, mobiles and laptops were also not accessible. Fortunately, there was one small glass pane giving entry into our sitting room. I had to shatter this and creep through and gather the fragments taking care not to cut my fingers. 

Cat door case

   Most houses have a small opening in the front door, with a flapping cover, just enough for a cat to creep through. A family in Wellington had a good use of this once. They had been living here for a very long time and were utterly careless in closing their premises. Once a thief had entered the house through a half open garage door and taken a few items. Since then, they were very particular about checking every point of entry into the house prior to leaving.

   On a Saturday night they attended a birthday party and returned late, sleepy and tired.  What a mess; they were unable to open a single door. They had forgotten to take the key. It was inside the house. While the young man was in a stupor, with his head awkwardly hanging down, his wife considered the options. did not wish to disturb anyone at the dead of night. The cat door was the only access available. “After all my husband is slim, he should be able to creep through,” she thought. 

      The man agreed, removed his jacket and the shirt, tightened his belt and inserted his head and the shoulders. He pulled his belly and got tightly locked. He could neither go in nor come out. “Bloody sh..t ,” he screamed. “What shall I do?” Asked his wife. “Remove my belt,” he pleaded. The girl inserted her right hand squeezing his belly and with difficulty managed to unbuckle the belt. Yet he could not creep through as the double pants he was wearing were in the way. “Pull my pants,” he shouted. She tried to pull them, but they held tight and firm. “Remove the buttons and the zip,” he instructed. She pushed her hand again between his legs and unbuttoned and pulled the zip. Finally, she was able to pull his pants and the young man entered the house in his underpants and opened the door.

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